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A creative technologist who has a good understanding of the media industry. Demonstrated marketing nous throughout both professional and personal work. A good understanding of multiple coding languages, with a wide set of skills in both audio software and hardware implementation. An organised person who enjoys working as part of an efficient team that completes project objectives to a high standard.

Technology plays a large part in my personal and professional life. My understanding of technology, and my ability to adapt and learn new skills provides me with confidence to work in teams of differing skill sets. Currently seeking to work with like-minded people on exciting projects that develop the company, and broaden one’s skillset.

If you are someone that requires an adaptable, organised person to join your team, then please give me call. It would be great to have a conversation with you, +44 7870 597 616 or email me at gedkirkham at gmail dot com.

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70%Understanding of Digital Systems
80%New Technology
70%Hardware Design & Implementation


/My entire career

Jul 11

BSc Music Technology & Audio Systems; First

Huddersfield University (2012-2016)

A wide range of topics have been covered during my four years at the University of Huddersfield.

Coding languages such as 'C', 'C++', 'CSS3' and 'HTML5' were used to create websites, design digital audio filters and to create software programs to control MIDI hardware and software. Creative use of 'Max/MSP TM' to create varying computer compositions, and the ability to create computer graphics using the 'OpenGL' API was understood and executed.

An understanding of audio technology hardware and software, and an understanding of basic filter design and implementation was gained through laboratory work. An ability to record and mix varying genres of music with 'Pro Tools TM' on both analogue and digital desks. An understanding of the music industry from a business perspective, and the ability to work as part of a team to create a viable business plan was fulfilled. Live audio PA system design and real-world use was understood and applied.

Advanced Diploma; Creative Media

Mid-Cheshire College (2009-2011)

The two year course focussed on the creative media industry, and introduced me to a wide variety of media formats and processes; audio, video, radio, animation, film and sound design.

An art exhibition was collaboratively organised and marketed by a team of five which allowed us to understand real-world marketing and advertising techniques. This process required us to work effectively as a team. Creative avenues allowed me to develop skills in recording video and audio within a creative context. Digital creation was explored through posters, flash animation and website development.

Jul 1
Mar 8

Client Manager

Horus Music (2014-2015)

Worked as a client manager dealing with customer queries and accounts, and checked clients work to make sure it met standards. Attended a Digital Marketing training course at the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) headquarters in London, and applied this training to handle the company's social media. Was asked to participate in weekly business meetings, and represented Horus Music in London at multiple BPI meetings.

Customer Service Representative

LV Insurance (2013)

Responsibilities included providing quality information to customer queries. Professional communication, and the ability to amend insurance policies quickly and efficiently was required. Working to weekly team and personal targets, as well as supporting other team members when necessary was a requirement.

Nov 1


/What I do

A passionate individual who has the ability to adapt quickly to new technology. Organised and focused which ensures projects are completed to a high standard.


BSc Music Technology & Audio Systems degree at Huddersfield University has exposed me to the technical aspects of both digital and analogue audio.


Adapts quickly to new hardware and software. Has the ability to learn how various product components work, and how it can benefit new clients/customers.


The ability to organise and work with people on varying projects makes me a perfect candidate to work within a company that requires focus, adpatability and dedication.


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